Moon Themes License Usages

Copyright 2010

You must agree to MoonThemes License in order to use our premium themes for FREE. Please carefully read and be sure you understand the license usage.

1. Keeping our designer backlinks at the footer

Our Free Themes Require a Link Back To and Exactly As At The Bottom of Theme. These links are not sponsor links, they are our designer links, and the websites belongs to us.

Users must at all pages have the pre-installed our designer Links at the bottom of their web site. User is not allowed to remove those links (Unless the user pays the link removal fee). Keeping and links at the bottom of our Themes is compulsory in order to use our Premium WordPress Theme for Free: By violating linking rules you fully be aware of committing Copyright violation, and are in breach of contract. Your web site will be shut down at all costs and unquestionably legal action will be taken against.

2. Theme License and Usages

All themes files, images, icons and Photoshop source files are licensed and copyrighted under

Upon download, you are authorized to make any necessary modifications to our themes to fit your exact needs, but be careful you are not allowed to resell or redistribute our themes, modified or unmodified, to another person, nor can a user place any of our themes, modified or unmodified, on a website, CDs, filesharing, torrents, or any other medium for distribution or re-releasing.

This license allows you to use our themes on multiple websites. Keeping our footer links intact is must.

3. You are Not Allowed

The license does not allow you to use the themes for pornography
web sites and web sites or individuals that participate in warez,
hacking, cracking, malicious computer crime or fraud, or any other
material or activity that is illegal.

Also you are not allowed the themes for religious websites or related to religion.
You are not allowed to use our themes for music and movies websites or related to them.

By violating license rules you fully be aware of committing license
violation, and are in breach of contract, unquestionably legal action
can be taken against.

4. Theme Support

Our themes that are downloaded do not include support, however upon request we may offer support for common issues, bugs and customizing any theme with charging a Fee, and we do not offer support for installation, customization and administration of WordPress itself.

We offer e-mail support which is best, fast and easy. All questions and support inquires should be addressed to our contact page.

5. Warranty

MoonThemes product are “as is” without warranty of any kind either expressed or implied. We do not guarantee that themes will work in all browsers, please test the browser compatibility and combination with our “Live Demo”, nor do we guarantee that our theme will be functional with all versions of WordPress.

We do not guarantee that our themes will function with all 3rd party plugins, applications, scripts or any components.