29 Useful Web Design Features You Should Use in 2017

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Today, i will share a very useful  post, i have worked very hard for this post and spent huge time to collect the information and write it down. This is for you, so you could easily read about web design features and trends. And you can just grab a feature you like and implement it in your site, and be proud of it.


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Changing design styles every year, Its not new thing, if you look back yes couple year back and compare the design with now, you will say what a change. useful

You may already using some of the features in the list, But it can take your website to the next level, if you consider using more features, may be your site is lacking some thing, and need a little improvement, and fresh look and feel.

Make your website stand out, only you know which features your site need, and its not hard to enhance your site with new styles, after all your visitor will love the new look of your site, and the information they can find easily on your site, they will be happy and you could be proud of your website.

Why wait its 2017 you can start right now, will take couple of minutes to read the complete post and you can scan all the ideas and feature very fast.







Joking, i mean you could sit back relax and drink some coffee to read the full post

Lets Begin


1. Enhance Your website Typographytypo

Image Source: https://www.plated.com/plans

Typography is very important, never ignore it, your visitor can be bored so quickly if text is hard to read. Typography is the foundation of your site. Top class typography can be achieve in many ways and its easy just try try and see what works best, there are many typography trends and fashions, but choose whats fits your site. I encourage you give some time to achieve successful typography so your visitor become addictive, reading your site content with love.


2. Your Site is Responsive – You Are on Right Track

Image source: https://dribbble.com/shots/1541528-Responsive-Website-Animation

You can reach your content to more mobile and tablet users, as you know its 2017 and you can guess how many people are using smart phones. If your site is not responsive, take action right now, why lose traffic and why lose sales.


3. Animation Can Make Your Site Amazing

Image Source: https://www.yoocon.de/

You may seen a lot of site using animations, Because it is very interactive, and appealing, it saves users time and it can add visual interest. You can use it for decorative information, or just fun, and today its easy to create animation with css and javascript, you don’t need flash. It can be attractive and attention grabber.


4. Split Screen – Your Site Two Faces

Image Source: http://www.nymbl.com/

Your site will be stand out. This is very unique style, your site will have like 2 faces operate 2 information at once. Do you have any message or content which you think you should use this feature? think about it, people will be talking about your site in gathering.


5. OR You Can Give A Modern Style To Your Site

Image source: https://nest.com/

Have you seen apple site, what a clean and modern look their site has. Easy accessible strait to the point, no hassle, big and clean typography clear images. You can too own this style.


6. Micro-Interaction in Your Site

Image source: https://dribbble.com/shots/2596062-To-Do-List-Shooter-Concept

Now a day use of mobile is increasing dramatically, and micro-interaction for website/app is the feature you need to implement in your site. Its call to action, user will find information and could interact easily. It can be Hover, Scrolling, Click Button, etc. Make your audience comfortable, so they keep coming, we know losing site traffic create is terrible, consider this, if your site needs it.


7. Big Video Headers – Can Surprise Your Visitor

Image source: https://codex.wordpress.org/Twenty_Seventeen

Its quite new feature, and can surprise your site visitor, you can easily show in video what you want your visitor to know. You can teach, advertise product, site intro, trigger action, sales pitch, there can be many different idea, and it can be a unique feature of your site.


8. Parallax Scrolling a Fashion of Your Site

Image source: http://gardenestudio.com.br/index.php

This is useful feature if you use it the right way. People will remember your site. It is fun and yet you can showcase your content in a stylish way. The idea behind this is the background move at slow pace than the foreground image, so it can be best practice if your site is long scrolling.


9. Brighter Color – New Dress of Your Site

Image source: https://asana.com

This is again can be new style a fresh dress for your site, get rid of boring and dull color, come of with an idea which give your site more brighter look. Bright colors are very appealing, and it your site will look fresh and new.


10. Story Telling – A Power of Your Site

Image source: http://www.10yearsintype.com/#!stories

This is a trend which will make your site remembered. People love reading stories, why not communicate with them and let your site content speak with your audience with ease. Do you have any flow? which you think should start using this amazing feature. Grab the attention and speak what you have.


11. Https:// Best Security for Your Site

HTTPS means Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure. If you think you have valuable information and fear from hacking and attacking on your site, then you should use it, your site will be protected and you can have benefits for seo ( search engine optimization ) usually eCommerce site use it.


12. Cards and Grid Layout – is Your Site in This Category?

Image source: https://www.magasindesobjetsusuels.com

The feature of windows 8 and 10, made many website owner to use it. This can spark your website, using grid will make your website clean and organized. User could access easy what they want to read. If you want to get rid of clutter and want a clean space, give a try to grid and cards and own this style.


13. Hand Drawn Element – A Unique Touch to Your Site

Image source: http://www.anyways.co

Web designer tries different approach to amaze their audience. Hand drawn elements is other trend, it can be shapes, icons, buttons fonts and other elements,  you can implement this idea in your landing page, at least if not in site homepage.


14. Browser Compatibility – Does Your Site Looks Same in All Browsers?

Browsers render data differently, you should check your site in all major browser, in case if your site is looking different in 2 browser then there is a big problem, and you should fix it right after. Because not every one use same browser, and you can lose traffic very fast, if you ignore browser compatibility.


15. VR – Virtual Reality Video is Your site Ready?

You may don’t need this trend, and i think its not become common so far, but it create a lot visual impact on visitor. If you think you need this feature, then giving a try can be fun.


16. Minimal Design – Is Your Site Clutter Free

Image source: https://www.prototypo.io

You want to show your important content, strait to the point, no mess no clutter, easy, simple and clear, what else your visitor will ask for? Minimal design has very useful benefits, it loads fast, and good for search engine, You can maintain and edit it easily. If you want to your visitor to focus on your content, then you can use this approach.


17. Or Flat Design – Is Not Bad Design For Your Site

Image source: http://www.siaperitivos.com/en/home

This is other style, which some people use it, You can show your work and content in way which can be a success for your business. Because there are many internet user who are not teck savvy, so you can show your product in a interactive and stylish way.


18. Or Even Skeuomorphic Design – Your Site is Attractive

Image Source: http://www.siaperitivos.com/en/home

This is other style, which some people use it, You can show your work and content in way which can be a success for your business. Because there are many internet user who are not teck savvy, so you can show your product in a interactive and stylish way.


19. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) A Need of Your Site

Every one want to see their website in first position in google. But do you think you will be in first page if you have not done the seo work for your site. SEO is very important for any site, even people spend money to hire professional, though its not guarantee to bring a site in first position, however search engine optimized sites could see their site in first page some day, if done it right.


20. Super Navigation – Your Site is Accessible With Ease

Image source: http://www.watchshop.com

Navigation is the first thing user search in, to find information they are looking for. So this in mind why not give them a site navigation system which save their time, and stay on your site for long. This is a feature you should consider for your site, it is very useful, specially for content full sites.


21. Pop Ups – Your Web Site Action

Pop ups can be very useful feature, if you use it properly, don’t over use, other wise your visitors will run away and you will lose traffic. Use it wisely so even your audience don’t notice. you can use pop up to build mailing list, or show offer or discount of your product, or other action you want your visitor could take.


22. Incredible Headline Styles For Your Site

Image source: https://www.behance.net/gallery/47521359/Leafy-Free-Brush-Font

Show your message first, with styles and attention grabbing beautiful headlines. your visitor will love your site, sometime you need to speak to your audience in a stylish way, show your message and call to action idea in a unique way.


23. Masonry Layout – Technique For Your Site

Image source: https://tympanus.net/Development/GridLoadingEffects/index2.html

This is a style, where your site content and images will stay on its place in a eye catching way. You can use this approach if your focus is on content, straight forward. your post titles, images and attention grabbing content. no icons, sliders etc, just let your audience read your content with comfort.


24. Fixed Header Navigation – Users Will Not Lost In Your Site

Image source: http://kamloopsstorage.ca

Have you come across a site, where you scroll the page and the header navigation sticks on its place, that’s very useful, visitor will not be lost, they can quickly visit different pages of your site, while reading the current page. You can use this feature it will not hurt your site, but will save your visitor time and effort.


25. Blog Page – Showcase Your Site News and Update

Now day many website are built with wordpress or other blogging platform, blog page is what you can throw news and update and write useful content, this is very effective for search engine optimization. You don’t need to write daily, you can write once a week or even once a month. But its really worth to create a blog for your site.


26. One Page Website – Operation Of Your Site

Image source: http://linwoodeast.com

This is other useful feature. Your audience will not need to wait and navigate through your site, it needs time to scan site with full content. In single page site, they will find information sooner and could scan your site content quickly, and will stay longer in your site, and you can get benefit to show your product and information fast.


27. Featured Details Icons – Supportive Of Your Site

Image source: https://womply.com/products

This is another trend you should consider, and this can be very useful, showcase your product and information in a beautiful way. It will make user to take action, according the way you have use the icons and what information you have implemented it.


28. Ecommerce Shop Are You Selling in Your Site?

Image source: http://www.mariecatribs.com/store

If you are selling any product or digital downloads, etc, then consider using eCommerce, but this need a system, if you are not developer, you can search there are companies, they provide eCommerce for a price.


29. Site Map – Roads of  Your Site

Image source: https://dynomapper.com/features

Sitemap is important for search engine optimization and for your users too. sometime new customer lost in your site and once they visit site map, they find all your site links and information., so its very useful to add a site map.


End of post, i hope you have enjoyed! and i will be happy if you share it.