20 Tips To Hire WordPress Developer Without Wasting Your Money

Posted by on Mar 16, 2017 in Wordpress

WordPress is very powerful platform, where you can build any type of website for your business, it started in 2003, and now it is dramatically growing, thousands and thousands of website are using wordpress, and it is free and open source.


You may know basic stuff for running your site, like editing, updating, creating posts, etc. But some time you need advance and complicated things for your site. And you start searching to find the right and expert web developer, to finish your work perfectly.


Or you are web developer, but don’t have time, you may working on other projects.

However its not easy to find what you looking for, there are different things to consider, before choosing the developer, but if you focus on your site requirements and check developer work, feedback from other it can be easy task.


Planning your project is most important

It won’t work well, if you don’t know your website needs and what you want even if you found the right wordpress developer.

Create a list for your site first, and write it down, what are your website requirements, what you want to be done, features, etc.

Now create other list for developer, based on your site list. you want plugins, forum, security, etc.


Set a Budget

you should know how much you can spend, this will save your time, and you can find a web developer within  in your budget.

Basically if you know





Designing skills

You are on right road to create a WordPress theme.


But there is more than that, check the list, what should you look in WordPress web developer.


1. WordPress Platform

The WordPress developer should be expert knowing every thing about wordpress platform, and the core functions and how they work, theme, files and folder structures, plugins, security, theme installation, updating troubleshooting etc.


2. Knowledge

The WordPress developer should have knowledge about  wordpress back-end and front-end, can solve all type of issues.


3. Expert in Programming

The WordPress developer should be expert in PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascirpt, MySql, jQuery and Databases, can code and structure them well in a clean way.


4. Web Design to Some Extend

The WordPress developer should know some basic knowledge about web designing, like editing images, can use any design software, Adobe etc creating buttons, navigation layouts etc.


5. Responsive Design

The WordPress developer should have experience in developing responsive website design. Because use of smartphones is growing, responsive design is needed for your site.


6. Know About Your Site Requirements

The WordPress developer should understand and know about your site requirement, which you have provided, can understand about your goal and work on accordingly.


7. Communication

The WordPress developer should have best communication skills, should give you sense of ease when you talk about your project and requirement and when you want to change something when needed.


8. On Time

The WordPress developer should have in mind, that project should be completed in your giving time. Working according to a timeline is what a project should be completed.


9. Search Engine Optimization

The WordPress developer should know about Search Engines and how they work, can code according to search engines demand, so your site could rank well, you can ask your web developer to install this plugin for you: https://wordpress.org/plugins/amp/ this plugin adds support for the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project, which is an an open source initiative that aims to provide mobile optimized content that can load instantly everywhere.


10. Previous Work

The WordPress developer should have a portfolio of previous work, so you could check the projects and feedback of people, so you could come forward to hire.


11. Wireframes and sketches

The WordPress developer should know how to code wireframes and sketches to a live design site. Some time you wireframe and sketch your design, so if developer is expert in this, the job will be done easily.


12. Knows How to Debug

The WordPress developer should know how to code bug free. But if some time a bugs found in code, developer should know how to fix it quickly, and debug it fast.


13. Years of Experiance

The WordPress developer should have years of experience and worked on different types of projects, and has positive customers feedback. New developer just with few project can’t be called an expert.


14. Web Hosting Environment

The WordPress developer should be familiar with  web hosting environment, thinks like uploading files, FTP, Control panel etc, in case you needed to solve your site issues online.


15. Third Party Tools

The WordPress developer should know how to implement third parties tools, scripts and plugins in website, because they are very useful for your site and and sometime you will need them, there many different types of best plugins and tools, which you can use it.


16. Listening

The WordPress developer should have listening skill, because if not listening of everything you saying, and want to be done, then you will have hard time for completing your site project.


17. Support

The WordPress developer should provide support for their work, sometime client needs support and they face different types of issue. But its not compulsory for developer and will not make developer bad, but it can be bonus for clients to provide support. You should ask developer if they will provide support in feature, they may charge extra for support.


18. Knowledge of Marketing Site

If you find a wordpress developer, who also know how to market, and drive traffic to your site, its a bonus. Developer who has some basic knowledge of marketing is better than who doesn’t has this skill.


19.  Security

The WordPress developer should not ignore security. They should use different ways for making the project as secure as possible. You can ask the developer that you want best security for your project.


20. Previous Clients

The last step you can do is to make yourself sure, about the WordPress developer you are hiring is to collect feedback from their previous clients. You can do this by calling them or send a brief email asking if they can share a feedback about the experience with the developer work.



Hiring the right and best developer for your project should not be difficult task. If you know about your web site project requirement, and what type of help you want.

All you have to do is to find the expert and qualified WordPress developer, just make sure you are hiring some one who has all those skills, which your project needs.